The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed our way of life, especially in the theatre world. We do not know if, or when, we will ever be together again in the same capacity we were previously. However, what we do know is that as always, the show must go on.

This non-traditional revue is a celebration of Broadway. It's our chance to pay homage to all the shows that we hold dear. We will build this show together and it will be magnificent!

Singers - Please prepare a musical theatre song that shows off your personality and demonstrates your singing/acting chops. 16-32 measures of a contemporary musical theatre or pop song to be sung a cappella or with a track (if you use a track please make sure there are no other vocals on the track). Don’t let the original gender of who sang the song get in your way… be creative!

​Dancers - Please film a video showing off your best dance moves to the email address above no later than 10:00pm on Tuesday, November 17th in order to prepare for  callbacks. Shoot your video horizontally to ensure a wide enough frame so we can see your whole performance! Make sure to shoot the video in a space with good lighting where you have enough room to showcase all of your skill.

Auditions will be held on Zoom November 16th and 17th.

Sign up for a time slot now!

Not available on either audition date? Don't worry! We will be accepting video submissions sent to AND (make sure you send your videos to BOTH email addresses)! Video submissions are being accepted now and are due no later than 10:00pm on Tuesday, November 17th in order to prepare for callbacks.


Rehearsals will be determined according to the cast’s availability! Expect a low stress rehearsal process.

We are so excited to begin this process and meet all of you amazing Dancers and Singers!

Our fabulous chorus relies on support from parents and friends. Get in touch to find out how you can support the Singing Spartans with a gift of generosity.

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