GMEA All-State Chorus is the premier select chorus of the state. Middle and high school students prepare scales, a solo, and sight-read to make it past the first round of auditions. The second round of auditions tests the student's knowledge of the music. The students who pass both rounds of auditions go on to participate in All-State. The last All-State event was in February 2020 in Athens, Ga. at the Classic Center.


We are hopeful for another All-State event for the 2021-2022 school year. Students interested in trying out for All-State try-outs should check with with Ms. Pittman in August 2021.

All-State 2019-20


We were so proud to have Freshman Darius M. represent Campbell High School Chorus at All State Chorus in February!


Darius worked so hard at this and his choir was amazing!

darius mullen all state 2020.png